I do not want to sit at a screen 16 hours a day.

I want to be out in the world and touch it and interact with it 

My art is an attempt to find ways to integrate digital technology into the creative process in a healthy, hopeful, interactive and positive way.

I like computers and 3D and following cutting-edge advances in image making using digital techniques. But I also like fresh air and nature and real interactions. 

So I make things partly using computers and tech hardware, but I find my source material in the real world. I meet people and 3D scan them, I 3D scan and photograph real life. Nature and buildings and people. I talk and hear opinions from real people, offline. 

Then I use a computer to experiment and play and calculate and process and decorate. 

And then I print the digital things I have made out. I print them out on paper, or with a 3D printer or vinyl cutter, or CNC  milling machine and I touch them with my hands and I re-work them with paint and spray and ink and whatever I like. Away from a screen. Offline, Without a license and subscription and a username and a password. 

Sometimes, I scan them back into the computer and compile and composite them into things and they to-and-fro in and out of digital and real worlds until they are finished. 

Awards and Recognitions

Public 3D Award

Innovation Award

Public 3D Award

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3D of the day